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Closing Leads

Today we are going to talk about how to close more leads.

Because getting better at closing more sales from the leads you have is the best way to increase sales without increasing marketing costs.

And for many companies, closing their leads is more of a problem than generating new leads.

11 tips that might help you close more sales

#1 Sales goal should be less about closing a sale and more about solving the prospects’ problem or desire.

#2 Have in-depth knowledge of the products and services you’re selling – you can’t sell well what you don’t know about or believe in.

#3 Stop selling and ask questions and listen. What are their questions, concerns, and desires?

Take note: Open with a question. ”What can I help you with today? What would you like to know more about?”

#4 It’s all about speed to lead – especially when buying leads.

Automate! Use technology – CRM – automated responses – speed to lead hatch app

call, email, text

need a CRM – sales pipeline – a process

#5 Get better at pre-qualifying

  • What is their primary problem?
  • Where are they in their journey?
  • Have they done the research already?
  • What are they looking for as a solution?
  • Do they know what solution they want?
  • Have they shopped it around yet?
  • What are they looking for in the company they choose?
  • Do they have the money or financing already, or will they need help there?

Find out what stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in.

  • Just starting – Awareness stage – know they have a problem and are seeking info about solutions.
  • Consideration stage – info seeking showed they need to find a solution, and now they’re seeking to know of the various solutions and costs.
  • Decision stage – ready to buy – now it’s about WHO will they buy it from – WHO do they know, like, and trust.

#6. Have content for every buying stage

Map each stage of the buyer’s journey with content.

Not everyone is in the final decision stage – funnel others to the proper information.

Need the ability to send content for each stage of buyer’s journey thru ebooks, PDFs, webinars, web pages, email series, videos, e-courses, or PowerPoint presentations.

Episode 19 - How To Close More Leads

#7 Control your sales message

Use a standardized sales presentation process for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Create scripted visual presentations

  1. Unique selling proposition

What makes you different?

What’s your elevator pitch to explain why anyone should do business with you vs. competitors?

Is everyone on the team on board with your USP? Do they know it? Is it real? Do they believe in it?

  1. Have a follow-up system

A sales pipeline – email, text, and calls – multi-step email sequences for learning more.

Most people don’t close a sale on the first visit – have systems and procedures in place for follow-up.

  1. Build Trust

People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Increase social proof.

Grow more online reviews, add video testimonials on your website and create some case studies so people can see some results of others before and after working with you.

Use automated Reputation management systems – which we talk about in episode #10. Be Human I saw this while researching this episode and thought it has to be on our list.

Be natural, be yourself, and care. That’s it.

Ask what their problems are, what solutions and results they would like, and what their budget is for it.

See if you have a solution for them.

Don’t sell; instead, try to solve problems.

  1. Ask for the close

If they’ve shared their problem with you and together you have mapped out a solution, then ask for the sale.

Shall we get started today? Which financing option do you prefer?

Just ask. If you truly believe in your products and services and have mapped the right solution to their problem, then asking if they like what they see and hear and would like to get started now should be easy peasy.

But most salespeople never ask for the sale; most don’t ask too many questions. Instead, they have their presentation and want to get started on it.

And that’s mostly because they don’t yet believe in what they’re selling, and or no one ever taught them how to let questions and the prospect’s needs & desires create both the solution and the close.

Alright, I hope that helped some of you. Thanks for sharing your time and attention with us today.

Good luck out there, and create a great day!

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