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Battle Plan Marketing, LLC

About Battle Plan Marketing

We’re on a mission to help America’s home service companies and skilled tradespeople to create sustainable businesses that thrive in our new digital world and dominate their local markets.

We stand against the corporate takeover of America’s businesses and its export and automation of our jobs. The digital smartphone world has evened the playing field for small business and provided them a tremendous opportunity. We’re using it to battle back by helping America’s most needed trades stay strong and compete.

In our efforts to help keep the American Dream alive for home service companies, we provide valuable free information on our blog, podcast, and free membership training programs on how to grow your local service business.

It’s our goal to provide a ton of actionable tips and advice that can help you grow your business and transform it into a scalable and sustainable business model that can thrive for generations.

Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” is on the top of our home page because that’s our motto. It’s really tough to succeed in business or anything, without knowing where you are, where you want to go, and mapping out the ideal path to get there.

For the best chance of success, every company must first analyze the technical foundation of your website, what its online reputation is, exactly who your online competitors are, what you really want to sell, what processes are in place to create efficiency and a quality customer experience, and what marketing strategies and tactics will best accomplish your goals and grow your business.

The services we offer aim to put an end to the perpetual cycle of buying leads and paying for advertising that doesn’t get the job done for most contractors.

The shotgun approach just doesn’t cut it, it’s time to zero-in on a strategy to success.

Step #1 is to audit and analyze where your brand stands with it’s online presence, reputation, competition, and the technical requirements needed to grow more online visibility and leads.

Step #2 is to dive deep into your goals, ideal products and services, price margins, operations, sales process, and more to develop a detailed Battle Plan strategy.

Step #3 is to implement and manage your marketing strategy – measure, test, and optimize each project in your Battle Plan.

We’ve chosen to stay small and provide our step three managed marketing services to a short list of clients each year. As such, that particular service is open for enrollment only a few times each year.

But you can still engage us to for steps one and two and provide you with a roadmap to marketing success. Your own team or another agency can then implement your custom Battle Plan. We may also be available for coaching your team.

You can use our free blog, podcasts, and trainings to learn the same strategies and tactics that we use every day to help our clients, then have your team utilize the same processes and tactics.

Our founder Mark Ambrose, has over a decade of digital marketing, web design, and SEO experience, over thirty years sales and marketing experience, and has started and run three successful companies over nearly two decades.

We’re business owners, we know how to grow from within, what it takes to generate leads online, and we’ve been in the home services industry for nearly a decade.

We hope you find great value from our website, blog, podcast, local SEO guide, Google My Business optimization guide, lead generation guide, and members training center (coming soon).

We wish you and your company great success.

Mark Ambrose
Founder & CEO

Battle Plan Marketing, LLC
30141 Antelope Rd. Ste D-438
Menifee CA 92584
(951) 443-5274

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