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Battle Plan Marketing Services

If you’re not satisfied with the results of your marketing efforts, and its been that way for a while, then it’s time to look at it differently.

Before your company wastes any more valuable dollars for another ad campaign, website redesign, SEO or content marketing, we suggest it’s time to analyze and strategize before you try to energize.

We perform a full spectrum of digital marketing and web design services but you can’t hire us to do any one of them for you.

More scattershot marketing would just be a waste of your money and our time and skills.

Instead, we offer a process of analysis, strategy development, and project implementation.

A strategic path to marketing success

An in-depth analysis of your brand, website structure and content, search rankings, and online reputation allows you to shore up the structural foundation first, before you spend another dollar building upon it. 

Next step is to develop a Battle Plan – a marketing strategy that defines and targets goals, margins, message, brand, content, sales processes, advertising, campaigns, and email automation. You better know where you’re going and have a detailed map, otherwise you’re just wandering around aimlessly.

Project implementation and optimization are in the next step; putting your strategic Battle Plan into action and managing it. This final managed service is limited to only a few clients each year. Get on our waiting list.

Coaching is offered to those who go through steps one and two and wish to implement their custom Battle Plan internally but would like some guidance getting it going.

Get started today, step one is to get your in-depth Brand & Website SEO Analysis. That examines the foundation upon which everything else will be built. Otherwise, you’re building on quicksand.