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Discussing Home Services

Today we are going to talk about how to market your home services business.

We’ve got quick 10 tips for you, so let’s dive right in.

1. Online Advertising

Google, Bing, YouTube, Yelp, Social Media Advertising

Each can work with a plan, a funnel design, landing page, email autoresponder sequences, and tracking to know what’s working.

Pay Per Click – Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp.

Pay per Lead – Google Local Service Ads = Google Guaranteed

Google ads, LSA, Yelp, and Microsoft ads for immediate need services – plumbing leak repairs, roof repairs, [the actual service]

Google ads & LSA for professional searches – plumbers, solar installers, kitchen & bath remodelers, [the professional title]

Facebook & YouTube ads for the top of the funnel information ads, into an info funnel, through the buyers’ journey to a decision stage call to action.


A consumer’s guide to…

Take them through an info journey. Let them get to know, like, and trust your company.

Buying leads is NOT marketing – that’s depending on someone else.

2. Local Search Online – see our post on 49 local SEO tips

Creating, claiming, and optimizing your listings in Google My Business (maps), Yelp, Bing, and hundreds of other directories called citations. We use Bright Local to monitor, clean up, and add citations.

Google Maps is especially important. It’s one-third of all local search clicks. Those are free clicks.

They call those top 3 spots you see on the snack pack map because it’s a tasty place to be!

3. Website Content, SEO, and CRO

Optimizing your website for search rankings, traffic, and leads.

  • Content – keyword researched – creating for users and google – mixed media for UX – syndicating content that grows traffic & links
  • SEO – URL structure – internal links – topical clusters – service pages – city pages – loading speed
  • CRO – design – copywriting – calls to action – colors, navigation, sales funnels, lead magnets and opt-ins, email integration.

So you’re doing research to write about what’s being searched for in Google, and that you stand a chance of ranking for, then writing for great UX, and finally to lead to take action.

  • Email
  • Form
  • Call
  • Download
  • Buy

4. Reputation Management

Social proof that you’re a good company to do business with.

The more real customer reviews you have and the better your ratings are, the more comfortable your prospects will be in choosing to do business with your company.

Syndicate as content through social media, email, direct mail, radio, video, anywhere.

Automate it with software – GatherUp, Birdeye, G2, Broadly, others.

5. Email Marketing

– To serve your advertising funnels with auto-responding messages and campaigns.

– To stay connected to existing clients with a newsletter and increase repeat business, referrals, and customer reviews.

– To build an engaged email list, which is a valuable business asset all of its own.

– To get people engaged, make it about them and your town, tips for their house, places around town, DIY, product features, contests, polls, and more.

Episode 21 - Home services marketing

6. YouTube Marketing

#2 search engine in the World and its evergreen content.

Answer top 5 or 10 FAQs – create videos that can save your CSR time and money and provide better UX.

Create common DIY tips related to your business.

Let viewers see the people behind the businesstours, events, profiles.

7. Social Media Marketing

Must have company pages, FB, LinkedIn, maybe others.

Choose one or two

– Syndicate for blog content on social

– Syndicate your customer reviews, case studies, and testimonials

– Syndicate your YouTube videos

8. Referral Marketing

Using automated software systems to create, promote, and track customer referrals.

Systems that make it fun for your clients.

Can offer discounts, cash incentives, or gift cards from dozens of brands.

– Referral Rock

9. Direct Mail

Direct mail still works.

See episode #16 for two strategies we use for retargeting.

Use it for consumer guides and pre-recorded messages.

10. Radio

Radio can still work.

Use only direct response ads so you can measure if they’re delivering value or not.

Promo codes, unique call tracking phone numbers, unique website landing pages make it easy to track results.

Test at least two different ads.

Use an agency with access to Neilsen ratings to identify the best fitting station and show choices.

Let radio pros help you with the copy and voice-over artist.

Alright, I hope that helped some of you. Thanks for sharing your time and attention with us today.

Good luck out there, and create a great day!

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