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Plumber Marketing Ideas

Today we are going to provide you with 10 plumber marketing ideas.

You already know that Google ads, a mobile-friendly search-optimized website, and direct mail marketing are required tools for most plumbers.

Here are 10 other ideas that can help you promote your plumbing business.

1. Concentrate your marketing on your best high-margin plumbing services.

Zero in on services that can lead to bigger jobs.

  • drains cleaning
  • leak detection
  • water filtration and softeners

What are your favorite services that can just naturally lead to more extensive jobs?

2. Start a referral program

Use automated software to manage and promote it

Referrals should be your best quality leads – actively grow more of them.

We use referral rock – there are many others.

3. Cross-promote with another home services business.

Team up with another company that does not compete but serves the same customer type – homeowners.

Promote each other’s services.

Use mail, postcards, flyers, videos – send to each other’s mailing list.

Be sure the company provides exceptional quality service and products.

Your reputation is at stake, so be careful who you choose.

4. Start an email newsletter & grow your list

Stay connected to existing clients for repeat business, reviews, referrals, and more.

Make it about them – tips for the home places you like around town, contests, sweepstakes, and more.

5. Use video

Yesterday’s podcast talked about using the power of video and YouTube to generate leads and save customer service expenses. So check that out for more details and ideas.

Episode 29 - 10 Plumber Marketing Tips

6. Create city pages for your service area

If you want to be seen in local online searches, you need to get unique city pages on your website for each town in your service area.

Google Maps shows only listings that are near the searcher, so you’re not going to show up there unless they’re in your town and your listing is optimized and making it into the three-pack at the top.

Keep the city pages unique, don’t duplicate content on each one of them. that is the old way before, many Google Algorithm updates ago and won’t help you anymore.

7. Be sure your Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing Places listings are completed and optimized.

Fill out completely

Optimize them with reviews, photos, and posts

Keep them updated – especially days and hours open and holidays.

8. Share your team and job photos and stories on social media

Use video!

Don’t just post job photos – tell the story of what happened.

Better yet, get the homeowner to tell their story by giving you a video testimonial.

Get involved in community groups on Facebook.

Answer questions, provide helpful info.

Share stories and images again

Share video testimonials

9. Run surveys, contests, and even sweepstakes if they’re legal in your state.

Engage your past and future customers.

Promote these in your email newsletter on social media and your blog.

10. Run small $5/day online ad budgets to your best blog content

Google, Facebook, and Instagram

Get traffic, leads, and links to informative and helpful buyer’s journey content.

If the content is good, you may get people creating links from their site to it, which can help power up the page and website.

Add a downloadable consumer’s guide as an opt-in lead magnet on that page.

Have a multi-part autoresponder email campaign follow the download – provide more info – give calls to action in the emails.

There were 10 effective plumber marketing tips you can put into action the right way!

But don’t forget that getting your price book right so you’re making a profit is the most important ingredient to a successful plumbing company.

And having the systems and automation in place to make sure you’re not only running lean and mean and efficient but that you’ve also got lead follow-up systems in place to get the most out of every lead and advertising dollar.

Check out our podcast #2 and podcast #3 about why knowing your numbers and using a customer database is important to marketing your plumbing business.

Alright, I hope that helped some of you. Thanks for sharing your time and attention with us today.

Good luck out there, and create a great day!

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