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How Quality Increases Sales & Value

Today, we’re going to discuss why providing the best service and products possible costs the least and generates the most business.

When I graduated High School, my father gave me this book, “Quality is Free” by Philip Crosby

I kept the book for decades and only donated it to the library a couple of years ago.

I’ve reread a few times during my life but haven’t done so in years, but what I remember from it can help every business.

Here are 3 essential lessons from taking a Quality is a FREE approach to your business.

  1. Providing the best possible quality products and services you can is the most profitable and least costly way of doing business.
  1. Cutting corners, not using the best possible products or parts, and not training your staff to provide the best possible customer service is the most expensive way of doing business.

Though it might seem like you’re saving money, increasing your profits in the beginning. Overall, it will result in less of both.

Because of service calls to go back and correct issues, product replacements, products return the increased burden and costs on customer service when they call with problems and complaints.

The potential loss of repeat business, the potential loss of a customer review, referrals, and even the potential for poor reviews.

All of these cost your time, money, and reputation.

And in the end, what started as a way to save money and increase profits, has had the direct opposite effect and is hurting your business.

So doing things correctly upfront is the least costly and most profitable way of doing business.

A quote from the book is that “It’s much less expensive to prevent errors than to rework, scrap, or service them.

Of course, none of this is done by waving a magic wand or wishing for it. It requires good training and investing in the right parts, products, tools, and systems, and constantly measuring and monitoring quality control.

In the end, you’re rewarded with very happy customers, repeat business, referrals, reviews, testimonials, and case study possibilities.

Episode 27 - Why Quality is FREE
  1. Making everyone understand this reality, its effects on profitability, sales, and company reputation are essential to making it work.

They need to know that inferior products and services cost the company business, while great service and products create sales.

Training everyone from customer service representatives to the service techs to be the best they can be is vital to providing superior service and customer experience.

Ensuring they have the proper training and tools to do their jobs is essential to them delivering repeatable quality service every time.

In podcast #4 we talked about the #1 marketing tip of all time: to invest in your customer’s experience and your team’s dedication and ability to deliver that every time.

Doing things the right way with the best products, parts, and training will always be the most profitable way of doing business over time and the best choice for your customers and your brand.

There are some good fundamental tips and strategies to implement a quality is free mindset into your company.

Alright, I hope that helped some of you. Thanks for sharing your time and attention with us today.

Good luck out there, and create a great day!

Quality is Free by Philip Crosby

Learn how to make quality a profit center for your company.

Discover why increasing the quality of your parts, products, and services is a key ingredient to growing  your business and increasing its value.

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