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All About Surveys

Today we are going to talk about using marketing surveys to grow your business.

One of the biggest mistakes business owners and marketers make thinking they know what their customers want.

Like you’re a physiologist and had every one of your customers come in for a session.

It’s laughable, yet it’s the mindset of most business owners, including myself, many times.

But we couldn’t be more wrong if we tried.

Assuming makes an ass out of you and me, as the saying goes and it certainly applies to the basic fundamentals of understanding your prospects and customers more.

Knowledge of your prospects and customers’ actual needs and desires is priceless.

Knowledge of what they said they don’t want is priceless.

Knowledge of what your customers are thinking is priceless.

What are the exact demographics of your best customers?

Which prospects are your most engaged and best-qualified candidates?

How can you best match your advertising and marketing efforts to those demographics?

Are you thinking of launching a new product or service?

Before you invest too much in it, why not survey your customers or prospects to see if it is ever wanted or needed by the market?

Surveys help you zero in on the people who are your best, most engaged customers, and the best services for them, which translates to increased sales.

Surveys can let your prospects and customers tell you what they want or need.

It helps you expand your services to fill previously unknown needs and desires and cut services that no one is interested in.

Discovering exactly what your prospects and customers want and don’t want, their biggest concerns, and how you can better serve them are just a few of the results you can achieve by simply asking your clients through a survey.

Online survey

Surveys can be used as a lead magnet and a great tool to identify your best prospects among those leads.

Who are the prospects that the survey shows are hyper-engaged?

Those are your best prospects and you just got to cut through the crowd and go straight to the first with solutions they’ve told you they want or need.

Surveys can be used both at the front end and back end of lead generation campaigns.

You can send emails with surveys to your existing customers, and you can use paid ads and surveys on landing pages for prospects.

You can identify your best prospects at the front end and try and get the attention again of those who have gone through your entire sales follow-up system and still not converted to an appointment of sale.

You can send a final “Do you hate me?” email to prospects who didn’t set an appointment or didn’t buy from you by the end of your follow-up system.

These are just some of the great ideas and tools being used by many companies and are a feature in the book, Ask by Ryan Levesque.

I’ve recently read this book and must say it has opened my eyes to new possibilities of truly uncovering the motivating factors of both prospects and clients.

You can use online tools like Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, or even Google Forms to set up surveys and capture the data.

You can use the tools and systems the author has developed. Do a search for The Ask method and get a free copy of his book and bonus training materials and see how your company can start implementing surveys as an effective marketing tool and one the helps you better understand and serve your prospects and customers.

I have to admit we have not done this yet in our agency or for our clients, but we’re now officially on a journey to begin doing so and soon.

If you join our newsletter mailing list, you’re likely to see surveys in action soon.

We’re not affiliated with Ask or Ryan’s company or anything. I’m just super impressed with the possibilities of better understating what our prospects or customers’ concerns are and what they want and don’t want.

You can get a free copy of the book Ask and find out more about the Ask Method and Ryan’s training and tools to make using surveys more effective at his website, askmethod.com.

Alright, I hope that helped some of you. Thanks for sharing your time and attention with us today.

Good luck out there and create a great day!

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