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Selling To Many Prospects

Today we are going to talk about Selling to many prospects instead of one.

YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world.

So unlike social media, where your content disappears in seconds, this content is here to stay, grow, and generate traffic and leads eventually.

According to Statista.com, It’s also the third most viewed video streaming app, after Netflix and Amazon Prime but ahead of Hulu, HBO Max, Disney, and everyone else.

Here are two tips for your company to use the power of YouTube to sell to many instead of one and use it to generate leads and reduce expenses.

Tip #1

What are the top 5 most frequently questions your prospects ask when they call about [product or service]?

Write or type out the questions and the answers to each.

Next, take out your phone, turn on its camera, and set it in wide, landscape style, and high definition mode.

Put it on a stand and point it at you, or have someone help.

Get it framed well, make sure the background is not too busy. Then, square yourself nicely in the frame, and start recording.

Make one video for one question.

Five videos total, one for each FAQ.

Practice a few times if you like.

It can be challenging for many people, myself included.

But it’s a fiction story in our heads. It’s not real. So we’re not going to let an illusion stop us from doing what’s needed.

Breathe, and get back to business.

Make one video for one question.

Publish them on YouTube;

  • Add a good title
  • Description
  • Give tags of your company name
  • City,
  • State
  • The entire question
  • Any keywords that may apply
  • etc.

Next, embed the YouTube video on your website. You could make an FAQ page and embed these top 5 FAQ videos there.

If you don’t already have it written out, you could have each transcribed, turn each video into a blog post on your website, and add images if needed.

Embed the video on the same blog post.

After you do the top 5 most FAQ, how about doing the same for each major service you offer?

How about doing some common maintenance tips videos on the products you sell?

Episode 28 -Sell to many instead of one

Tip #2

DIY tips – there’s probably tons of those that you can do

What’s the most popular DIY tip in your industry? Make a video about it.

How about video tips for any simple service calls you shouldn’t be going out on? Where there’s a simple thing, the homeowner can do to fix it.

Would an instruction video help you reduce unnecessary service calls?

You can also video to put together presentations that help your ideal prospects and speak at your local Chamber of Commerce, Meetup, BNI, Toastmasters, and other local business meetings and gatherings.

Be seen as a teacher and not a salesperson.

Don’t sell, instead give away good, helpful information.

If you build value and trust and then promote it, the business will come.

Do you want to thrive in your local market?

Videos and YouTube can help get you there.

Alright, I hope that helped some of you. Thanks for sharing your time and attention with us today.

Good luck out there, and create a great day!

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