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Attracting More Prospects & Leads

Today we’re going to talk about why you’re probably missing out on over 90% of your prospects.

If you’re only advertising and creating online content for ready buyers, then YES, you’re missing out on the greater majority of your prospects.

Let’s discover why and how you can correct that.

Now depending on the service, most people are not in emergency mode and ready to buy immediately when they have a problem or desire.

First, they become aware they have a problem of desire.

For instance, I’ve got very little hair left on the top of my head. When I first noticed this happening I didn’t run out and buy something for it, instead I would have searched for something like, “what to do about losing hair and going bald?

Once I learned more about this condition, I would enter the “Consideration stage.”

That is where I would search to see if there were existing solutions for my growing problem (or lack of growth in this case).

I would probably have searched for solutions to baldness and start investigating and searching about each one I found to see if there were possible solutions with real credibility.

After those extensive Consideration phase searches I might have found a solution I like and finally entered the Decision stage, where I’m nearly ready to buy that textured spray paint for my head and then I’d start searching for prices and the best company to buy my solutions from.

LOL, just kidding, please don’t buy that stuff, you’ll probably start leaking like Rudy Guliani.

That last stage is the Buying stage. That’s where most companies put all their marketing and advertising dollars.

But that’s a giant mistake because you’ve missed the majority of people who could have been a great prospect for you.

Instead, those prospects they’re probably going to do business with the company that helped them with great useful information that answered their questions in the first two stages.

If that wasn’t you, then you probably lost them.

And they would have been excellent prospects because they would have already come to know, like, and trust your company based on the helpful info you already provided them.

Doing business with you would have been a no-brainer.

Episode 9 - Are you missing 90% of your prospects?

Instead, you’re getting calls from only ready buyers, who do not yet know much about your company. You haven’t earned their trust yet. They’re more likely to be price-only shoppers.

A better and much more productive way to get highly qualified prospects who know, like, and trust your company is to provide them useful content that helps them in the Awareness and Consideration stages.

You’re also more likely to get their email address in those first two stages and be able to send them additional useful content that helps even further.

When they’re ready to buy, they’re much less likely to be shooting for price and more likely to do business with those that helped them find the right solution to their problem.

So let’s look at this from the standpoint of each of your services.

What are the problems people have before they decide they need each of those services?

What questions do they have?

Are there different solutions available depending on various factors or their budget?

Create content that speaks to that journey. Show them the differences in the various solutions available.

Take them along the path to learning more about the problem or desire they have, and all of the options available to solve it.

That’s what your website’s blog is for.

Share that blog content on social media and through your email newsletter also.

Help people find the solutions to their problems or desires and earn their trust along the way.

Get them to know, like, and trust your company before they ever decide to buy anything. Make the choice of WHO to buy from, truly a no-brainer for them.

Remember that quote in episode #1 from Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.“

I hope that helped some of you.

Good luck out there and create a great day!

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