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Warning: you’re likely to lose thousands of dollars if you don’t read this BEFORE designing your website 

A well-designed and high-converting website is critical to executing your marketing strategy, ad campaigns, and consistently generating high-quality leads, growing mailing lists, promoting referral business, and increasing sales and profits.

It makes ZERO sense to hire anyone to build a website, or redesign an existing one, without first doing two things:

1. An in-depth analysis of the current status of your online and offline advertising, your online brand, website optimization for search engines, local search rankings, top ranking competitors, keyword research, online reputation, content value, citations, and branded social accounts and engagement.

You have to know where you are, in order to get where you want to be.

Equally important, is to research and identify what your prospects and customers are currently searching for and consuming, and then design a site and it’s content to deliver that and compete for their attention.

What content is bringing your local competitors the most traffic?

What URL structure should you use?

What topical groupings (a.k.a. topic clusters, silos) should you use to power your rankings?

What’s your Service Area? Are City Pages and City Clusters needed to rank in some of these areas?

Do you have multiple locations?

The basic structure of your website should not proceed until the answers to many questions are known. 

2. An in-depth analysis of your business goals, personal goals, ideal high-margin jobs, and growth capacities.

There’s software integrations with your sales systems, CRM, client database, email marketing, reputation management, referral programs, and more to plan and execute.

Only then can the development of a customized high-performance website begin. An integrated, SEO optimized, and high-converting, value-driven website that’s the true central hub of your online brand and marketing.

It requires consultation with you and your staff plus the research, input, and skills of a team of SEO and web design experts, content writers, editors, graphic arts designers, animators, and audio and video editors to deliver the best return on investment possible to you. 

Anything less, is a waste of your time and money.

Your Website is the Central HUB of your Brand & Marketing

image showing website as hub of all marketing

Your website is your most VALUABLE online asset

Great web design is crucial to your business. Most, if not all, of your marketing efforts are designed to bring visitors to your website and convert them into leads, sales, customers, and raving fans.

A responsive web design that’s mobile-friendly and automatically fits to any screen size is an essential tool for every contracting business.

In the age of the smartphone, your entire world of prospects and customers are now searching online for information and businesses in your niche and area.

Your website needs to be working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week to attract more traffic, provide valuable and engaging content to keep them on your site, and convert visitors into leads, sales, and customers.

Your site needs to target high-volume consumer content while also being highly optimized for search engines, from it’s foundational structure, to topical clusters, and links from content syndication.

Is your website up for those tasks?

The new digital age allows your contracting company to look better, deliver greater value, provide better service, and have a better reputation than all of your competitors, but only if you do your website right.

Our Web Design & Development Process

Step #1 – Brand & Website SEO Audit

The first step in designing and developing your company website is to perform a technical analysis your existing website, if any, as well as your online business directory listings, social media accounts, ratings and reputation.

You need to know where things are now, what needs fixing, and where to go before you spend money creating anything new.

Researching what keywords and content topics your prospects and customers are using and searching for is a critical part of designing the structural and topical foundations of your website.

Identifying where your competitors are getting the most traffic from, and how to compete for it, are also critical ingredients toward properly designing the structural fundamentals and content of your site.

Timeframe to complete: up to 21 days.

To learn more or get started, click here to go to our Brand & Website SEO Analysis.

Step #2 – Battle Plan Website Strategy Development

Next step is a consultation with you and your team to discuss your goals, customers, products, services, ideal jobs, processes, systems, capacities, budget, and past and current marketing and advertising.

We then compile and review that information with your previous Website SEO & Brand Analysis to develop a customized Battle Plan Strategy for your website.

Your Website Battle Plan will identify your ideal target customer, products and services, and suggest an optimal website structural URL foundation, content, media, lead magnets, advertising funnels, and integrations of automated reputation management, referral, and email marketing systems.

We’ll discuss your company logo, fonts, and colors, and whether you want or need a new style guide.

We’ll present you with style guide samples to choose or match brand colors, fonts, and icon designs.

Your Web Design Battle Plan will also provide content targets that zero-in on the high-value traffic that your top competitors are currently getting.

Timeframe to complete: up to 30 days.

To learn more, here’s a link to our Battle Plan Development Services.

Step #3 – High-Performance Website Development

Your Web Design Battle Plan is put into action and our team of professionals begin building the site’s structure, page layouts, integrating all systems, and writing the targeted content.

Wire-frame design layouts will be presented and decided upon. Note: a style guide, which includes fonts, colors, and icon design will have already been created with you in step #2.

Content is usually created by our team, but we’re open to discussions if you prefer to provide some content.

Photographer Day – it’s likely we’ll want several professional photographs and video of you, your staff, your trucks, warehouse, and even some job photos. Be prepared to schedule an hour or two at your office and warehouse with a local photographer. We can find that photographer for you.

You’ll get to see the newly-developed, but still under construction, website within 30 days and be able to recommend any minor changes.

Timeframe to complete: 30 to 60 days.

Website Design, Delivery, & Payment Milestones

Layouts, Colors, & Fonts

Wireframe layouts to be presented within 20 days and revisions completed within 10 days afterwards.


All major revisions are made when choosing the wireframe layouts, colors, fonts, and menu layout.

Minor revisions to the website are available after presentation of site within 30 days.

Revisions requested after that date will require additional fees.

First Site Review

You’ll have a first view of the developing website within 30 days, and be able to suggest minor revisions.

Final Revisions

Completion of the website and any agreed upon revisions will occur within 30 days after the first site review and 60 days of  the original design and development start date.

Completed Site Review

We’ll screen-share every page and integrated system with you and your team and review the completed website. Minor edits will be identified then corrected within 5 days.

Costs & Payments

Our website development services fee starts at $8,000.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to start the project

25% is due at First Site Review

The balance is due after completed site review and before site migration to your hosting server.


Once payment is received in full, we will migrate the development site to your hosting company’s server within three (3) business days, setup all integrations, test all forms, add and edit all users per your desires, and setup any final security settings.

Have questions? Want to talk?

Frequently Asked Questions on our Web Design Services

What do you need to get started?

Step #1 is to get a Brand & Website SEO Analysis to see where your company website (if any), business listings, brand, and online reputation stand right now.

Step #2 is to engage us to develop a Website Battle Plan Strategy for your company that will detail what site structure, content, integrations, tools, and tactics will be used to create your custom website.

Step #3 is to begin developing your physical website and all integrations. We’ll need access to your existing website hosting account, domain name registrar, artwork and logo files, and any content you want on your site. Note that in most cases we will produce most of the site’s content.

If you don’t currently have a website, and therefore no hosting, we can recommend a high-quality WordPress web hosting service. Hosting is the server that stores the physical data of your website and allows its access from anywhere on the Internet. It’s where your website lives.

How long will it take to design my website?

Total time from start to finish for website development is usually about 60 days. Remember that both a Brand & Website SEO Analysis and Website Battle Plan Strategy are required prior to starting website development. 

Allow for a total time of 90 to 100 days. 

Once Steps #1 and 2 are completed, our web design and graphics design teams will develop a “wireframe” of your site structure, design, page layouts, colors, and fonts within 20 days. You’ll be able to approve the designs or suggest any revisions.

Our team will then complete the design your website and its content within 40 days from those suggested revisions. Once the site is completed you’ll have another chance to review and approve or suggest any final minor edits.

Once site is approved, final payment is made, then we migrate the site to your hosting service and make all external connections (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, your email provider, your CRM, etc.).

What platform do you use?

We use WordPress for all of our website designs. It’s the most widely used content management platform in the world. WordPress is an open-source platform and therefore has tremendous support worldwide. There are endless WordPress plugins and features that allow for complete customization and superior functionality over any other platform.

We then use a Divi Theme or Thrive Theme as the underlying site building interface because they make it more efficient to provide beautiful and functional website designs designed to convert visitors into leads, which lowers your costs.

How long will my existing site be down?

Not at all. If you have an existing website we will keep it active as is while we build your new on a temporary URL. Once the new site is completed and approved, we will make it live on your domain.

If you do not currently have a website, then we will put up a “Coming Soon” page on your new domain address until your site is completed, approved, and made live.

What about artwork and our logo?

Our graphics design team works closely with our web developers to create an aesthetically pleasing site. The website comes complete with a set of icons for navigation and menus.

You can provide us with any artwork you’d like to use on your site, including your logo. If you don’t have artwork or photos we can provide high quality images that reflect your content and brand (one stock image per content page is included in the cost).

Our graphics design team can also create or redesign your company logo if needed or desired (at additional cost). They’ll provide a few versions for you to choose from.

Who provides or writes the content for our website?

In most cases, we prefer to have our team create well-researched, journalistic content for your site that’s specifically targeting traffic we’ve identified in our Website Battle Plan Development phase, as being valuable to your business.

You can also provide us content you have created, and of course we’ll need your content or input to create content about the history of your company, staff biographies, etc.

What companies do you recommend for hosting?

There’s a ton of WordPress hosting companies out there and we can work with any of them. Remember that loading speed and uptime reliability are critical factors for Google in ranking your site and it’s content.

Superior real-time threat detection, security, caching technology, and 24/7 technical support are also vital requirements of a good hosting company.

For those reasons, we recommend all of our clients use WP Engine, Flywheel, or Synthesis by StudioPress. All are world-renowned hosting companies known for quality, loading speeds, reliability, and security.

Will you continue to maintain our website?

Yes, we offer a monthly website maintenance plan to all of our web design clients for a monthly fee.

Each plan includes weekly updates to plugins, themes, and WordPress (if applicable).

Each plan includes one hour per month of technical troubleshooting for form issues, spam issues, plugin conflicts, and external attacks.

Daily backups are included in our recommended hosting plans and we also provide offsite backups to Google Drive in our website maintenance plan.