Brand & Website SEO Analysis

    the foundation to your online marketing

     a health checkup for your website, brand, & reputation

    What is a website SEO analysis?

    An in-depth search engine optimization (SEO) analysis reveals how well your website is ranking in major search engines and what can be done within the site structure, coding, content, and links to improve rankings, traffic, and lead conversions.

    What is a content audit?

    A content audit is an analysis of your website in regards to design, user experience, content quality, conversion rates, and ease of navigation.

    It also identifies your top local online competitors and the posts and pages that bring them the most traffic.

    What is a brand audit?

    A brand audit carefully examines your business reputation, business directory listings (citations), and branded social media accounts for presence, accuracy, and engagement.

    It should go without saying that your business reputation is vital to your ability to sustain and grow your business. Nearly everyone today searches for your business reputation before they ever call you.

    The accuracy of your business name, address, and phone (NAP) in third-party business directories like Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, and hundreds of others are crucial to your business’s ability to rank well in Google Maps and all major search engines.

    Reasons you may need a brand & SEO audit:

    • your website and online listings are not generating good lead flow.
    • you’re running ads to your website but they’re not converting into leads.
    • you want to dominate your local market and your competition.
    • your website and maps listing doesn’t show up in Google when you search for [your service] in [your city].
    • your website is not getting enough search traffic.
    • your prospects are not finding and using your website.
    • your website is slow to load.
    • your website looks bad on a mobile phone.
    • you’re adding content to your website but none of it ranks for anything.
    • you don’t know what kind of content to add to your website.
    • you have no idea what your website traffic is doing or not doing.
    • you have no idea what your website, brand, or online reputation is.
    • you haven’t been able to increase customer reviews.

    Is your website and brand prepared to compete for business in the current digital age where people use smartphones to find everything?

    Find out with our detailed Website SEO & Brand Analysis.

    • detect how well designed your website and brand listings are to rank well in search engines & generate leads.
    • gain insight into the health of your online reputation across the entire Internet.
    • discover what content is bringing your competitors traffic.
    • identify weaknesses, diagnose problems, and receive a priority action plan on what needs fixing.

    What’s in our Brand & Website SEO Analysis?

    Here’s a list of what gets examined & shown in your report:

    Part 1: Technical Audit

    • URL structure
    • SSL certificate
    • responsive design
    • server errors
    • broken links
    • redirects
    • titles
    • headings
    • meta descriptions
    • sitemaps
    • robots.txt
    • crawling
    • image sizes
    • alt tags
    • anchor text
    • internal links
    • external links
    • speed tests
    • Google Search Console
    • indexed URLs
    • Google Analytics
    • structured data (schema markup)

    Part 2: Search Rankings Report

    • top 10 keyword rankings by impressions and clicks
    • top 10 keyword rankings report
    • map best keywords to top five content pages

    Part 3: Offsite SEO

    • backlinks
    • anchor text
    • negative SEO backlinks

    Part 4: Brand & Reputation

    • GMB, Bing, Yelp
    • online directories / citations audit
    • reviews & reputation
    • social accounts

    Part 5: Content

    • keyword / topical focus
    • relevancy
    • duplicate
    • canonicals
    • content cannibalization
    • titles
    • headings
    • word count
    • readability
    • quality
    • provide 10 top keywords for content creation

    Part 6: Design & Conversion Rate

    • user experience
    • layout / aesthetics
    • images
    • calls-to-action
    • lead magnets
    • opt-ins
    • email integration
    • Google Analytics goals

    Part 7: Security

    • hosting
    • backups
    • plugins
    • secure passwords

    Part 8: Competition

    • top 3 online competitors
    • competitors top traffic keywords

    Brand & Website SEO Analysis Report

    • Price = $1995
    • Timeframe = up to 21 days.
    • Post-audit screen-share consultation to review report.
    • Spreadsheet report outlines all discovered issues that need correction.
    • Report includes a Priority Action Plan.
    • What we’ll need from you: admin access to your WordPress website, Google My Business, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.

    We Work On WordPress Websites Only

    For us to be great at analyzing, building, or optimizing lead-generating websites for contractors, we had to focus on one type of website “content management system” (CMS). We chose the most widely used and most versatile website CMS, which is WordPress.

    If you’re not sure if you have a WordPress website you can check the bottom footer bar to see if it says WordPress there. If not it may still be a WordPress site.

    You can also check by putting your domain name in the top address bar followed by “/wp-admin,” without the quotes, and then hit enter. If a WordPress login page shows up you have a WordPress website.

    You can also use this link to a third-party tool to check if your site is a WordPress website.

    If you need an entirely new website altogether, we build custom local search and mobile optimized WordPress websites using the responsive Divi theme.

    We build websites made from the ground up to rank well in search engines and simultaneously provide a great user experience that converts visitors into leads.

    Safe, secure payment thru PayPal. Pay with any credit card.

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