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Managed Marketing for Contractors

Marketing Services for Home Service Companies

Managed Marketing Services for Contractors

Grow your contracting business with our Managed Marketing Services

Would you like to consistently generate highly-qualified leads for your home service business while reducing advertising costs?

Would you like to generate business for your best margin products and services and get top dollar for your time, skills, and labor?

Would you like to lessen the impact of extreme seasonal swings in your contracting business? 

Does your company rely mostly on word-of-mouth, but you’d like to kick that up a few notches and scale your referrals?

Is your company totally missing out on the 90+% of the consumers who are learning about the products and services you happen to offer but not at the final buying stage yet?

We provide proven Battle Plan Marketing™ blueprints to help you build the kind of contracting company you’ve always dreamed of.

    Dominate Your Local Market!

    managed digital marketing services for your home service business

    Our Managed Marketing Services puts your company’s customized Marketing Battle Plan into action to generate new business, build assets, and grow your business.

    A Brand & Website Analysis and customized Battle Plan are both required to be eligible for this service where we implement, measure, test, and optimize the projects in your Battle Plan.

    Our three-step process

    1. identifies your company’s online strengths and weaknesses during an analysis phase,
    2. then identifies your systems and goals to develop a custom Battle Plan in the strategy phase,
    3. and ultimately puts that plan into action during our project implementation & management phase (this one).

    Limited Availability of this Phase 3 service:

    Our project implementation & managed marketing services has open and closed enrollment periods: we provide the third phase – our project implementation and monthly managed marketing services – to a very small group of clients each year in order to maintain the highest quality standards of our work (plus keep our sanity and enjoy life).

    See below if enrollment is currently open or to get on our waiting list.

    We concentrate on working with home service companies such as solar energy installers, plumbers, HVAC, water quality & filtration companies, etc.

    Our managed marketing services can include:

    all services are available only as part of a planned strategy

    icon - online ads

    Online Ads

    Google Ads

    icon - sale funnels

    Sales Funnels

    Ad Campaigns & List Building

    icon - website seo

    Website SEO

    Technical On-Site SEO

    icon - local seo

    Local SEO

    Google Maps, Yelp, Bing, Citations

    icon - reputation management

    Reputation Management

    1st & 3rd Party Reviews & Case Studies

    icon - referral programs

    Referral Programs

    Grow From Within

    icon - keyword research

    Keyword Research

    Topical Content Analysis

    icon - competition research

    Competitor Research

    Content Gap & Traffic Analysis 

    icon - conversion rate optimization

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Increase Leads

    icon - content marketing

    Content Marketing

    Complete Buyer’s Journey

    icon - email marketing

    Email Marketing

    Stay Connected

    icon - analytics


    Tag, Measure, Analyze, Adjust

    Our 3-Step+ Process to Marketing Success

    brand and website analysis

    Step 1. Brand & Website SEO Analysis

    Before you begin promoting your brand and services online, you need to first know exactly where your company and its website stand right now. Set the baseline data so you know exactly what to work on and what might be holding efforts back.

    Never build on a poor foundation.

    Our Brand & Website SEO analysis examines your website’s structure, content, and code, its local search rankings, your listings in online business directories like Yelp, Bing, and Google Maps, your topical keywords, online reputation, and who your competitors are and where they’re getting traffic from.

    The final analysis report is a roadmap to correct the technical issues needed to help improve local search rankings in order to get seen in more searches by more prospects, and ultimately generate more leads.

    The completed analysis is all yours, you own it.

    Step 1b. Completed Analysis Review Call

    This service is included with every completed Brand Website SEO Analysis.

    After you run a Brand & Website SEO Audit with us, you ‘ll receive an email to schedule a Completed Analysis Review Call with your dedicated account manager to review any and all work that the audit identified and recommends.

    You can choose to do the work yourself or hire another specialist or company to do so.

    If you wish to have us do the work, and our enrollment for new clients is open, we require a step 2 Battle Plan strategy be developed and created first.

    Building strategy and defining goals, campaigns, tactics, budgets, and timelines, are all actions you should take to get optimum results no matter who will do the work.

    Marketing strategy development

    Step 2. Battle Plan Strategy Development

    “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Now that you know exactly where your brand and website stand, it’s time to dive deep into your needs, goals, systems, and capacities in order to develop your project or overall marketing strategy… your Battle Plan.

    Whether you’re looking to create a new website, start advertising on Google or Facebook, optimize your website for search engines, begin email marketing, start a referral program, or improve your company’s online reputation, the most effective way to get the best results at the lowest cost is to first create a strategic plan.

    Our Battle Plan Strategy Development Service does just that.

    Our Battle Plan Strategy Development Service will dive deep into your project and business goals, operations, ideal products and services, sales processes, and much more to help us develop a strategy and the tactics needed to produce the best possible results and return on your investment.

    Your Customized Project or Marketing Battle Plan will lay out a roadmap to success. Each recommended action is identified as a project with a projected timeframe and cost associated with it.

    Your Battle Plan can then be implemented by you, your team, an outside agency, or our team (if enrollment is open and we’re accepting new clients at the time, see below).

    Note: this service requires that you first have our Brand & Website SEO Analysis completed so that we have a technical foundation for our consultation. You will then be invited to engage us to develop a Battle Plan for your company.

    marketing project implementation and management

    Step 3. Project Implementation & Management

    Once we’ve completed your Battle Plan Strategy and provided you with its recommended campaigns, tactics, content, and projects, you’re welcome to take that information and implement them on your own, with your in-house team, or with another marketing company.

    All campaigns should be constantly monitored, split-tested, and optimized for best performance.

    If we’re enrolling new clients at the time, we’ll offer our services to implement and manage your Battle Plan projects after we’ve developed your customized Battle Plan. 

    If we’re not accepting new clients at the time, we’ll invite you to use or “done-with-you marketing coaching services.”

    We’ll also invite you to join our open enrollment notification list to receive an announcement when we’ll be opening enrollment next. Plus you’ll receive our weekly Battle Plan Marketing™ newsletter with tips, tactics, and interviews that can help you grow your business.

    Limited Enrollment

    We take on new managed marketing project clients on a very limited basis and then we close enrollment to new business for a while. We repeat this process every three or four months. This allows us to concentrate on the major work needed in the first few months to get each new contractor and their website properly setup for effective marketing and local search.

    You can still engage us to perform a Website SEO & Brand Analysis and create a customized Battle Plan Strategy for you, but to maintain superior quality, we are very limited in the number of companies we manage daily marketing for.

    We do offer coaching for those who have gone through our analysis and strategy development stages, but whose accounts we cannot manage personally.

    Our free blog, podcast, and training center (coming soon) also provide a wealth of marketing tips and advice plus interviews with industry experts. We teach everything we know, and much of it for free.

    Have questions? Want to talk?