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The Battle Plan Marketing Podcast

actionable advice to grow your home services business

A Podcast To Help Grow Your Contracting Business!

The Battle Plan Marketing Podcast™ is designed for home service contractors who are looking for effective tips and tactics to help grow their business and build evergreen marketing assets.

Podcast topics include marketing strategy, lead generation, Google ads, websites, search engine optimization, reputation management, referral programs, content marketing, online advertising, social media, pricing, financials, sales, employee management, services, and general entrepreneurial interests.

Mark Ambrose is the podcast host, speaker, and owner of Battle Plan Marketing®, a digital marketing and education company for home services contractors. He’s got nearly 20 years as a business owner, 30 years in sales and marketing, and 10 years of digital marketing and search engine optimization experience.

We’re dedicated to helping America’s hard-working and skilled contractors who keep our homes operating at their best, safe, and provide homeowners with the comforts of modern living.

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