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Business Health

Today, we will discuss why your business’s financial health relies on your mental and physical health.

Running a business is hard.

It takes a lot of different tasks and roles to perform.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming and you might get burnt out. As a result, your relationship with your family may be put at stake and your social life may be jeopardized. With this, your physical and mental health may also suffer.

Looking for a balanced lifestyle between family, work, and social life can be a bit challenging. You should also consider having a good healthy lifestyle as well with diet and exercise.

I, myself, am having this challenge.

When I started this business four years ago, I kept it a one-person show.

I was in my late 50’s and didn’t want to build a complex business. Been there and done that.

I wanted to keep it simple and serve just a few clients myself.

After a couple of years, my mindset has changed.

I decided and wanted to do more than just build another income stream for my wife and me.

Some of my clients made me realize I could have a major impact on helping them grow their businesses and improve their lives.

What I originally intended has evolved into a desire to affect positive change in the lives of more people.

So, I decided to build a bigger business, hire employees, train them for superior service and help empower them for greater future careers.

I decided I was going to not only build this agency into something bigger to be able to serve and help more service businesses but also to partner up with two of my great clients to create an educational platform specifically for plumbers that could affect change with many more businesses than this or any agency could ever help individually.

Also, I decided that once the educational program reaches my target income, I will turn this agency into a non-profit training organization to help those whose luck took a turn for the worst and help them learn some new and very valuable technological skills that pay very well.

To give people new opportunities for a better life by helping them learn some new and valuable technical skills that may land them a high-paying job.

So my business went from it being all about me and a handful of clients, to it being all about affecting change for as many companies and people as I can before my time on this Earth is over.

To accomplish all of these things takes a tremendous amount of planning and hard work.

I’ve been hiring people, creating training programs, detailing and expanding on standard operating procedures to create a simple, repetitive processes that deliver predictable results.

I’ve been evaluating and implementing technology to automate systems that make our procedures more efficient and cost-effective.

I’ve been doing all of the things we have recommended in these podcasts.

But there came a time that I was burnt out; I went overboard on investing my time for these.

I lost my balance for a while and it started to affect my health. I was feeling tired, got over-fatigued, and my social life was fading.

Well, it didn’t take too long before I realized that these things had a negative effect on my entire being.

Thankfully, I’m old and wise enough to see the writing on the wall.

So, here are some of the steps I’ve been taking to get my life back in balance and to improve my mental and physical well-being that will help my business and the service we provide to our clients.

  1. Inform employees why we choose to help home service companies and why these companies deserve our help.
  1. Empower employees to create and improve upon our repetitive systems and standardized procedures (SOPs) and why they’re needed to create repeatable customer experiences and results.
  1. Give employees the tools and training they need to do their jobs the best they can.
  1. Pay employees a good and fair wage.
  1. Implement a profit-sharing bonus program. If we have a good year, our employees will be rewarded. It takes a team to run a business and so the whole team should share in the rewards when it becomes successful.
  1. Trust employees to use their skills to improve upon their job functions to become more effective and more efficient.
  1. Invite employees to make suggestions to improve the business systems and customer experiences.

Now you might say, “Hey Mark, that sounds like more work; where is the balance there?

Well, as I’ve been saying in several of these podcasts, you’re going to work your ass off until you decide to train, trust, and empower your employees to be exceptional and deliver exceptional results.

  1. Outsource those things that are better done by professionals in their field. In my case, that was for bookkeeping and accounting and some other services we need that are not full-time positions.

In addition, implementing the profit-first accounting system relieved me from the stress of paying taxes and it made sure I was making a salary and profit from my company.

I used to stress out what my income tax bill would be at the end of the year and if I’d have enough money to pay for it. Now, I use the profit first system and the money is there for all of these and I pay my estimated taxes every quarter.

That was a big relief! Go back and check out Podcast Episode #2 and our interview with CPA Meaghan Likes in Episode #15 for more topics about this.

Business Health

Next, let’s talk about my mental and physical well-being.

Take more short breaks – Get up and clear your mind. Sitting and staring at computer screens all day isn’t good for the body and mind. So, I make a proactive effort to take more short breaks in a day.

You might just leave the building and go outside for a few minutes to get some coffee or anything you would like to distress. Call your spouse or a friend for a few minutes to clear and refresh your mind.

Take time off work for family and friends – socialize more and laugh more. Thankfully, the vaccines are bringing us back to a more normal world where we can mingle with others once again without worries or concerns about our health.

We’re making a conscious effort to enjoy time with the people who matter most in our lives.


Practice daily meditation – For relaxation, centering, and calming the mind.

Exercise – Daily walks, hopping on the elliptical exercise machine or a little weight training.

Hobbies – As for me, this is playing guitar, playing more songs, improving my skills by getting better at understanding the instrument and perhaps diving more into music theory, though that still scares me.

When you feel better and have more clarity, you make better decisions.

When you are run down and tired, you’re going to make some bad decisions and create problems, chaos, and more work for yourself to work instead.

So, that’s the path and the steps I chose to improve all facets of my life. To improve my mental and physical well-being, which in turn improves the success of my business as well.

What parts of your life have you been neglecting?

Who are the people in your life that you should be spending more time with?

What hobbies or interests in life are you neglecting because you’re working too much?

I’ll leave you with two quotes that hit home and summarize my points.


– Michael Altshuler, Motivational Speaker


– Marissa Mayer, President and CEO of Yahoo

Hopefully, that helped you. Thanks for sharing your time and attention with us today!

Good luck out there and have a great day!

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